These free health education videos and media below are a great way to take in new information about your human longevity potential.

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I've sorted the following health education videos and other media into various categories listed below. Take your time to browse through them and watch them at your leisure. I sometimes find I prefer learning through video rather then reading articles, but it's good to be able to do both. These free health videos cover a wide range of subjects but as a whole, they all relate to the topic of longevity in humans.

Various series' of free health videos by Zak:

~Zak's video blog of his stay at the Hippocrates Institute's 3 week "Life Change Program"

General health education videos that you must see!

~The many dangers of mercury fillings in your teeth

~What you need to know about vaccination dangers before making any choices

~Know the fluoride side effects for optimal health

~This "Big Sugar" CBC documentary shows the many reasons (more than just health) why you need to stop supporting this horrible industry

~The "A world without Water" documentary is very well done

~Dr. Len Harowitz is a very knowledgeable speaker on very key health issues that are kept hidden from the general public

Free health videos on nutrition and diet:


~Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author and director of the China Study, gives a great lecture

~Dr. Dean Ornish

~Dr. John McDougall

~Gary Null

~Dr. Brian Clement, author and director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, gives a lecture on the use of whole food supplemens

Documentary style longevity videos

~The Worlds Oldest People

~Dr. Aubrey de Grey's research on ending aging in humans

~Exploring Life Extension

~Living Forever

~"Living to 101", a BBC Horizon documentary

~Do you want to live forever?

Metaphysics and mental health videos:

~"Making a Killing" is a must see documentary on the fraudulent practice of prescribing psychiatric medication.

Bruce Lipton:

T. Harv Ecker:

Peter Ragnar:

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