The anti-aging secrets and research of Aubrey de Grey shows that achieving immortality will soon be possible.

Aubrey de Grey is on the cutting edge of aging research. These anti-aging secrets that he has compiled from various "main stream" therapies and techniques do play a role in extending longevity in humans. Although this site focuses mostly on incorporating the benefits of healthy lifestyle factors into your daily routine, emerging medical technologies such as nanotechnology, gene therapy, (non-embryonic) stem cell enhancement therapies, replacement tissue engineering and others will play important roles in lifespan development.

Of course, it will be important to wait for a 100% confirmation that such technologies will be safe before it would be wise to experiment with them on your own body, but it would be silly for anyone coming from a "holistic" type of health philosophy to ignore these therapies because of a dogma about what's "natural" or not.

In this first video, Aubrey gives a presentation at the 2006 TED conference on the basics of what he's doing to spearhead this movement of conquering human aging and eventually death itself.

TED 2006 Conference Presentation: Aubrey de Grey:

In this next video, Aubrey doesn't talk so much about anti-aging therapies as he does about his critics. For someone like him to be boldly stepping up and voicing something as controversial as achieving immortality in humans, he is inevitably going to be the centre of attack from people with limiting belief structures around human potential. He gives great responses to these criticisms.

Immortality Institute conference presentation: Aubrey de Grey:

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