There are a variety of factors of longevity available that can extend the human life span.

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As you may have gathered from exploring this site, many of these factors of longevity are covered in all the different articles you can find here. It is by incorporating these various secrets to longevity into your lifestyle that it becomes a realistic way of living. Incorporating new healthy habits one at a time is the way to create changes in life expectancy. Trying to rush and do to many things at once will just result in becoming overwhelmed.

In this section, I have outlined how there are many of (what I call) "secondary factors of longevity". These are not as significant as the "primary factors of longevity" such as diet, exercise and developing a positive attitude, rather they are little things you can do that cumulatively add up to become a significant factor as a whole.

If you were to take just one of these healthy habits and put it to practice, you might notice a small difference in your life, but it will never be as significant as a change in one of the "primary" secrets to longevity I mentioned above. Adding on these various factors of longevity are extra boosters that not only add years to your life, but life to your years. Again, adding in a whole bunch of little changes for the better creates a big change for the better!

Every longevity society seems to have these habit formations already developed into their day to day lives.

It's just natural for them, not to mention every other animal that lives on this beautiful planet. It's unfortunate that humanity has come to a point where its culture and lifestyle is so far removed from what's natural. Often, the very technologies humans have created in an attempt to make their lives easier, actually hinders their ability to let their life force shine through at maximum capacity. Inventions such as rubber soled shoes actually prevent the "sloughing" off of static electromagnetic fields created by cell phones and other electronic gadgets.

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All ancient and traditional cultures have secrets to longevity like maintaining contact with the earth (since it acts like a grounding wire) and they would only wear natural fiber shoes, if even any shoes at all! They live in dwellings that are able to "breathe" which prevents stagnation and de-ionization of the air. Their diets are naturally conducive to perfect jaw bone and tooth formation and they have no need for fluoride, braces or root canals! They even instinctively know the holistic benefits of community and familial support.

These factors of longevity once came naturally to traditional civilizations, but now modern culture must recreate these habit formations in every day life to maximize longevity in humans.

~Sleeping habits
~Conscious sexuality
~Wearing natural fiber clothing
~Skin brushing
~ Cold showers (aka Ishnaan)
~Negative ion generators for clean and pure air
~Heliotherapy and how the sun benefits our health
~Natural dental care
~Longevity calculator
~Oxygen producing plants that clean toxins out the air of your home
~Spectra cell blood analysis, the most effective way to detect deficiencies
~The consequences EMF fields have on your health
~Family and community values
~Proper way of chewing your food
~Alcohol, does it increase longevity in humans?

Are you put off by the idea of incorporating some of these healthy habit formations into their lives.

natural dental care, factors of longevity, secrets to longevity

I know that because you are here reading this, it is very likely that you have taken an active role in your lifespan development. All of the above listed factors of longevity are very easy to follow. Some of them, like house plants, only require a single purchase and are very low maintenance. The secrets to longevity that require a healthy habit formation take care of themselves once they've been ingrained as an engram. Do you have to think about brushing your teeth when you go to bed? Is it a chore that you don't want to do? I hope not! You just simply do it because it's part of your routine (perhaps because of what might happen if you don't), and that's exactly how you should treat other healthy habits in your life.

All of these factors of longevity can be developed with the "Soul Mirror" exercise. This is a simple way of understanding both how healthy habits are formed as well as how to form them. As for the secrets to longevity that require a simple purchase, start adding these things into your life. You don't have to go all out and add them all at once, but if you're wanting to make an abrupt change for the better, that is totally do-able. Getting rid of your entire wardrobe and buying all natural and organic fiber clothing will both be a gift to yourself, second hand clothing stores as well as the planet!

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