Longevity in humans who also display exceptional vitality, are good rolemodels for health.

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The average rates of longevity in humans vary when you look at different time periods and locations in the history of humanities existence on this planet. A label such as "the world's oldest human being" can never truly be determined since comprehensive birth records and other forms of official documentation didn't exist in many parts of the world until fairly recently. On top of that, the perception that humans have experienced a sharp increase in average life-span since the development of modern civilization is also false (read further down for the reasons why).

This perception leads to the dismissal of any possibilities of extreme longevity in humans from ancient or even relatively recent cultures. The truth is that no one really knows whether claims of extreme human longevity are completely false, partially true or completely true. It is obvious that not every one of these super centenarians (which is the term for someone who has lived past 110) who has claimed to (or was said in legend to) have lived to an extremely old age is telling a true story. It is also very arrogant to claim that the oldest human being to have ever lived (a French woman named Jeanne Louise Calment who lived to be a 122 according to the Guinness book of world records) happened to be born in the West in a time recent enough to have kept track of thorough records.

The idea that western culture (as it was developing as well as in it's present state) is this all superior entity that lives longer than any other regions or cultures that came before them, because they're supposedly "developed", is false. It becomes quite empowering to know that there are secrets of long life imparted by some of these legendary super centenarians whom shouldn't be immediately dismissed as the made up fairy tales of "egotistical primitive cultures". To attain above average changes in life expectancy in yourself, you have to be open and willing to examine a variety of different sources of information, not just the hard nosed, left brained, mainstream facts.

Centenarians questioned about their secrets of longevity often don't actually know how they've lived so long, even if they eat fewer calories and know how to be positive about life.

This leads to confusion in many people and it's not uncommon for them to believe that all the oldest human beings in the world get away with smoking, drinking and having a negative attitude. This perception is actually due to selective attention (the act of only paying attention to the information you want to hear) which causes people to look for ways to justify their own bad habits! If you're working on lifespan development it makes more sense to look at the overall habits of longevity in humans in groups rather then focusing in on one or two super centenarians who happened to have been able to get away with never breaking bad habits.

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Some of the healthy habits many of the world's oldest humans as well as every longevity society share are things like:

~Develop a positive attitude about life and having no limit on how long they think they may live.

~Follow a mainly plant based diet very low if not devoid of animal foods.

~They knowingly or unknowingly eat a calorie restriction diet.

~Follow a spiritual practice or believe in a higher power.

~Regularly use local super foods and/or adaptogenic herbs.

~Engage in an active lifestyle.

~Surround themselves with loving friends, family and community

It is most certain that there has been longevity in humans greater than the current verified "record" of 122.

There are countless reports of super centenarians from every longevity society around the world. In some cases these have been proven to be exaggerations on the part of the individual or their family members. However, it is impossible to know the truth for certain in every case since proper birth records tracking longevity in humans have not existed that far in the past in most locations world wide. It is much too convenient to dismiss all claims of extreme human longevity that don't have the proper records.

The average human life span has not been increasing in recent centuries as is commonly believed. During the industrial revolution the average longevity in humans from these developing areas of the world was extremely low because of horrendous working conditions, poor nutrition, poor sanitation and extreme poverty. When modern human longevity statistics are compared to that time period of those specific areas of the world, of course it shows an increase in life expectancy. However, the average human life span prior to this time period, as well as the life expectancy in remote areas of the world where industrialization has never taken place, shows an equal or in some cases even greater life expectancy than in modern society when premature deaths at birth and in early childhood are taken out of the equation.

Since the number of children that died prematurely was many times greater in the past, this waters down the longevity statistics from societies and cultures that don't have modern medicine or an understanding of sanitation. These are the two great things brought to modern society by modern science that has resulted in the average life expectancy appearing to have increased by leaps and bounds. Without these two things, longevity in humans would appear to be the same as it was 200 years ago! Some of the factors holding back modern society from increasing positive changes in life expectancy for themselves is the rampant pollution, the consumption of processed and chemically laden food, the use of chemical based medicines and how far out of touch they have become with nature.

These qualities that are preventing human lifespan development in modern society are/were absent from every longevity society around the world, both past and present. This is what has allowed these cultures to have greater human longevity statistics than modern society (when the early childhood and birth deaths are taken out of the equation). Yet another factor that has resulted in a reduced average life span for modern humans is the gradual decay of Earth's magnetic field. 2000 years ago the Earth had a magnetic field of 4.0 Gauss. It has now dropped to 0.4 Gauss and 10% of that decay has been scientifically confirmed to have happened in the last 150 years!

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The Earths magnetic field has an extremely powerful effect on health and longevity in humans and all living organisms. NASA discovered that being outside of Earth's magnetic field caused bone density to be rapidly lost and calcification of the tissues increased (such as kidney stone formation). They soon installed magnetic field generators on board all their space craft. However, this is still not powerful enough and astronauts have to undergo therapies upon returning to Earth to aid in increasing bone density.

One of the top determining factors of longevity in humans is how much an individual has worked at increasing bone density throughout their lifetime (whether done consciously or not). If the magnetic field of the Earth itself is not as strong as it used to be, people living in the past may have had much higher bone density and far less calcification in their tissues (which is now known to be the root cause of every known major disease).

The following are some of the oldest human beings who have ever lived.

Much can be learned from studying these good rolemodels of longevity in humans. Inspiration can be found in the varied healthy lifestyle factors of these individuals. It's good to note the similarities between their habits but also what many of them are not doing. You won't find anyone on pharmaceutical medication here!

Verified centenarians, super centenarians and some of the other worlds oldest human beings:

~Jeanne Louise Calment
~Li family
~Shigechiyo Izumi
~Sarah Knauss
~Sun Simiao
~Luigi Cornaro
~General Yang Sen
~Norman Walker (99+?)
~Bernando LaPallo (the 109 year young raw foodist)

Unconfirmed and/or legendary centenarians and super centenarians:

longevity in humans, super centenarians, Tuti Yusupova, human longevity, oldest human being

~Shirali Muslimov (168?)
~Maria Olivia da Silva (125?)
~Tuti Yusupova (129+?)
~Old Tom Parr (152?)
~Li, Ching Yuen (256?)
~St. Germaine (immortal?)
~Methuselah (969?)
~Nicholas Flamel (immortal?)
~Peng Zu (800+?)
~Sek Yi (122?)
~Pasikhat Dzhukalayeva (122?)
~Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji (135?)
~Henry Jenkins (169?)
~Javier Pereira (167?)
~Shou Xing (Immortal?)
~Gama Sennin (Immortal?)

Individuals alive today who are of exceptional vitality and will most definitely live very long lives:

~Peter Ragnar
~Dr. Brian Clement
~Dr. Gabriel Cousens
~Storm Talifero
~Dr. Robert Cassar
~Dr. Fred Bisci
~Jack Lalanne
~Bob Delmonteque
~Don Tolman


~Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Science, 1988 16 p.435 "Time Variations of the Earth's Magnetic Field: From Daily to Secular" by Vincent Courtillot and Jean Louis Le Mouel
~Articles on magnetism from www.roaringlionpublishing.com

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