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What makes up the true factors of longevity? This site focuses on bringing together the best information from a variety of sources such as:

The latest health science and anti-aging research
The healthy lifestyle factors found in every longevity society
The anti-aging secrets of ancient cultures
Instinctual, intuitive and common sense health philosophies

With the overabundance of health information on the internet, it is easy to get caught up in random anti-aging advice that is all theoretical and just plain fraudulent, such as the ridiculous, yet popular notion of taking Tylenol to protect your heart...

If you have enough self-respect to truly pursue human excellence within yourself, then you are going to love what this site has to offer! With humanity's average life expectancy predicted to grow exponentially over the coming years, it is very realistic that super centenarians will be the new 80. Along with living longer, you want to have vitality in these extra years. The information in these pages shows you how to achieve both!

Here are some examples of the types of articles and anti-aging secrets you will be able to find on this site:

~ A list of superfoods and adaptogenic herbs
~ The benefits of mind exercises such as meditation
~ Basic lifestyle habits for a long life
~ Why you don't need to inherit a long life gene
~ How sex and relationships impact your health
~ How to ensure you're getting complete nutrition despite a busy lifestyle
~ Why should people exercise?

"Stacking" a wide variety of healthy lifestyle factors and healthy habits into your daily routine is one of the key antiaging secrets I reveal in these pages. It's time to begin exploring your youth potential!

Embrace Life Without Limits,

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