Increase libido naturally with the "Male Sexual Prowess" program (coming fall 2011)

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Gentlemen, you need to know how to increase libido naturally, correct male hormone imbalances and last longer sexually. The "Male Sexual Prowess" video program is scheduled for release in the fall of 2011 and will improve your abilities in these areas. It is jam packed with well researched, cutting edge, scientifically validated strategies to help you achieve any of your goals in reversing the ingrained toxic social habits followed by mainstream society.

Ancient Chinese Taoists, sages, yogis and martial artists were always seeking new ways to increase libido naturally. They recognized that the sexual energy was foundational to health and longevity in humans. They called this energy Jing. The concepts and strategies in this program come from both ancient systems of health as well as cutting edge research.

Growing up in today's environment the average male is bombarded with:

estrogen mimicking chemicals galore (even in clothing and cosmetic care products)
estrogenic foods touted as being healthy
the social acceptance of blatant misandry (hatred of masculinity)
the suppression of very safe and healthy foods and supplements that increase testosterone levels naturally
an absence of healthy male rolemodels and much more!

When you have restored your full masculine potential you can expect to live the life you intuitively know you were meant to live. Our sexual energy is our fundamental building block for how we create our life. If it is depleted, weak or being wasted on things that are not part of your master plan, you will not be satisfied with your life nor will you have optimal health. When you increase your libido naturally and direct that foundational energy towards your purpose, you will begin to transform your life.

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