Once you're aware of these chlorella facts, you'll agree that it is one of the best green superfoods around.

chlorella facts. health benefits of chlorella, detoxing your body, live superfoods

The most important chlorella facts you should keep in mind are the ones presented in this article. It would actually require an entire book to fully cover this most naturally detoxifying of live superfoods! The health benefits of chlorella are available when it is consumed on a daily basis like a food and not in miniscule doses like a whole food supplement as some people might advocate. The type you consume will also need to be cracked cell chlorella so that the nutrients are available through its hard cellulose walls. Chlorella is a green algae.

Chlorophyll is literally the "blood" in all green plants that allows them to turn sunlight into energy through photosynthesis. Although it is not considered an essential nutrient, getting enough chlorophyll in your diet for longevity can have profound anti-aging benefits when consumed long term. This nutrient is renowned for its superior ability at detoxing your body over other live superfoods. It just so happens that the world's #1 highest source of chlorophyll is chlorella! Research on the health benefits of chlorella have led it to be used in naturally detoxing people from radiation exposure, heavy metal poisoning as well as chemical toxicity from various pesticides, herbicides, fungicides etc.

The mental clarity and memory improvement effects of chlorophyll alone make it a worthwhile addition to anyone seeking lifespan development. These effects mostly occur from blood purification. Chlorophyll is identical to human hemoglobin (which is the substance that makes up most of a red blood cell) in molecular structure except for the central atom. In chlorophyll the central atom is magnesium whereas in hemoglobin it is iron. When we consume the chlorella algae we get a massive dose of "plant blood" which through biological transmutation, turns into our own blood. This makes all green superfoods ideal for anyone with blood issues of any kind or who simply want to attain peak performance and extend their human longevity potential.

Of all the known chlorella facts, perhaps the most well-known is its renowned ability for detoxing your body.

In particular, this cracked cell chlorella algae is used all over the world by health professionals to help remove heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium from the bodies of patients showing signs of heavy metal toxicity. In Japan, the chlorella facts are so convincing that it is popularly consumed in whole food supplement form because of the country's history of exposure to nuclear radiation. Also, of all the wide variety of protocols available on safely removing mercury amalgam fillings, the majority of them include the consumption of chlorella before and after removal. Chlorophyll literally soaks up residual mercury in your body and it then eliminates it through your lymph system (by sweating) and your bowels.

The chlorophyll in chlorella benefits and cleanses the liver, which is the chief organ for detoxing your body on a daily basis. If your liver is functioning at its optimal level, it will speed up the process of detoxification from the myriad of poisons we come in contact with on a regular basis. The chlorella facts have shown this. Even if you eat all organic food and live far away from any major cities, you are still exposed a wide variety of environmental toxins.

Chlorella Facts, health benefits of chlorella, detoxing your body, live superfoods

DDT has been found in the tissues of penguins at the South Pole, jet fuel has been found in the breast milk of the native aborigines in the Australian outback (thousands of miles from "civilization") and depleted uranium has been used in the recent war in the middle east, which is now spread throughout the atmosphere. Everyone lives in this toxic world and all of us can do our best to avoid as much of it as possible through organic and all-natural living, but you must also recognize the health benefits of chlorella and other raw living foods when used for their ability to detox, cleanse and protect your body. All of these chlorella facts make it one of the most powerful weapons in your live superfoods arsenal.

CGF (chlorella growth factor) is another highly renowned quality presented in chlorella facts and research.

The chlorella algae is the fastest growing food crop known to humans. Under the right conditions it has the ability to quadruple in volume every 24 hours! This ability seems to be passed on to anyone that consumes the cracked cell chlorella algae. However, I don't literally mean that people start growing in size at rapid rates. Rather, some of the amazing health benefits of chlorella growth factor include: greatly increased rate of tissue growth and repair (great for athletes!), immune system enhancement, free radical scavenging and it speeds up the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria (resulting in improved digestion and an increased ability to absorb nutrients in your longevity diet).

Chlorella, spirulina and blue green algae have all been found to be potent cancer fighters. In particular, the chlorella growth factor makes this the most desirable ally to have when fighting or recovering from any degenerative disease. The chlorella facts and research point towards it being particularly effective in the treatment of cancer, especially if you have made the choice to undergo chemotherapy (which is a massive toxic assault on your entire body). Detoxing your body with cracked cell chlorella is the first step in dealing with any diseases that have reached this critical level. The polysaccharides in the cell walls of the chlorella algae have been shown to increase interferon production and have strong anti-tumor effects according to many of the studies coming out of Japan.

Another important ability found in the myriad of chlorella facts is how well it rebuilds nerve tissue. Damaged nerve tissue is a component in many debilitating diseases such as multiple sclerosis, seizures, Alzheimer's, sciatica, Parkinson's and more. Mercury poisoning is specifically known to cause nerve damage by destroying the myelin sheath around nerve cells. Chlorella benefits this by first pulling mercury out of the body (which may or may not be implicit in the above mentioned diseases) while at the same time the chlorella growth factor then stimulates the bodies own innate ability to repair its own damaged nerve tissue.

Nerve repair can happen whether or not there has been mercury contamination present in the first place. However the rapid rise of these diseases in recent decades indicates a hidden cause that is thought by many to be due to mercury poisoning along with other lifestyle factors and not the old scapegoat of genetics. Chlorella facts have also shown that it contains the essential fatty acids necessary for building and repairing nerve and brain tissue.

Individual chlorella algae have tough indigestible cellulose walls, so it's important for you to only purchase cracked cell chlorella.

Chlorella Facts, health benefits of chlorella, detoxing your body, live superfoods

Looking at the chlorella facts on nutrition shows you that this is one of the most complete foods on the planet, as all live superfoods should be. The only other foods that rival it for being even comparably close to a complete set of nutrients are bee pollen and E3live (E3live is a type of wild blue green algae known as aphanizomenon flos-aqua that grows in Klamath Lake, Oregon which is extremely mineral rich). The health benefits of chlorella are obvious once you've read this list of its amazing nutrient content:

~60% complete protein in free amino acid form (very easily digested)
~ 2-7% chlorophyll (which is the highest of any known food)
~ Vitamin C
~ Vitamin E
~ All the known B vitamins (Including B-12 although it's thought to be un-absorbable due to B-12 analogues being present as well)
~ Calcium (One tbsp. of chlorella contains 320% of the recommended RDA)
~ Iron (One tbsp. of chlorella contains 120% of the recommended RDA)
~ Magnesium
~ Potassium
~ Zinc
~ Iodine
~ Trace minerals
~ Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA, DHA and EPA - the last two are often mistakenly thought to only be found in fish and other seafaring animals)
~ GLA and other "rare" fatty acids
~ Beta-carotene
~ Mucopolysaccharides
~ Nucleic acids RNA and DNA (Sardines= 0.59% RNA, Chlorella=10% RNA!)
~ Enzymes (chlorophyllase and pepsin, the latter helping you digest its high protein content)

All of these amazing chlorella facts are based upon cracked cell chlorella that is organic, non-pasteurized and not freeze-dried. If you buy a brand or variety that is contaminated or damaged (due to high heat or extreme cold) the chlorella benefits simply won't be as optimal, most notably the essential fatty acid content is very susceptible to extreme temperatures as well as oxidation. You don't want to lose the benefits of nutrients such as the GLA (which inhibits excessive cell division, which is the case in tumor growth). To help preserve these nutrients store your chlorella, spirulina and other microalgae in cool dark places.

Everything I have mentioned this far can benefit your human longevity potential, but out of all the chlorella facts, the most remarkable component for lifespan development is its high content of DNA and RNA.

Our bodies require nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) for directing cellular growth, renewal and repair. The human body's ability to repair its DNA and RNA with nucleic acids diminishes with age. In fact, a lack of nucleic acids speeds up the aging process as well as weakening immunity. Getting a source of these building blocks for genetic repair is definitely a major key to winning the longevity game. Did I mention that chlorella facts have also shown that the RNA and DNA it contains will make your skin more elastic?! Many centenarians that are questioned about their diet for longevity happen to eat a lot of foods high in nucleic acids like sardines. However, the health benefits of chlorella algae indicate that it is a much better and safer source for DNA and RNA than sardines or other organ meats. Chlorella Facts, health benefits of chlorella, detoxing your body, live superfoods The only known chlorella side effects are nausea, upset stomach (possibly due to an inability to digest the cellulose wall, in which case supplementing with a digestive enzyme that contains cellulase might help) and the possibility of developing a high uric acid content in the blood which can lead to problems such as gout or arthritis etc. This is due to the high RNA content which when metabolized turns into uric acid. The human body needs a certain amount of uric acid to function but too much of it causes uric acid crystals to form in the joints. People who get gout are often overeating many high purine foods such as organ meats, sardines, game meats, sweatbreads, large amounts of any animal based foods and more (purines like those in RNA break down into uric acid). You'd have to eat excessive amounts of chlorella, spirulina and other microalgae on a daily basis to exceed your body's uric acid needs. Most people following the living food diet aren't eating excessive amounts of meat anyway, and don't need to worry about this.

The chlorella facts tell us that a good daily dosage is approximately 5 grams. If you are using it to clear out accumulated toxins you can go as high as 10 grams a day for quite awhile. The other problem you might experience with chlorella is if you go on it too fast it has a tendency to help you evacuate your bowels quite thoroughly. This is because it pulls water into the colon. As with any new food you are trying out for the first time, start with a smaller dosage and work upwards. On that note, is is great for constipation!

In conclusion, another great reason the chlorella facts have shown us to consume this super-food is that it has an alkalizing effect on the body due to its high content of alkaline minerals. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium make chlorella, spirulina and blue green algae amazing foods for people who need a diet high in protein but who don't want to experience the debilitating effects of consuming very acidifying animal products in excess (or at all!). The health benefits of chlorella seem to be never-ending, but what can you expect from such amazing algae-based live superfoods?


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