Why You Should Start a Youngevity Business

I’ve been creating content online and recommending health products from companies that I felt were of a particularly high quality for over 7 years now. Of course I have and always will be a huge fan of the various herbs and superfoods from the companies I’ve recommended in the past. What I discovered upon learning about Youngevity however, was a company that I quickly saw as having enough diversity and quality in their products that I wanted to begin emphasizing them as the backbone for my recommendations around supplementation.

The previous companies I often recommended were usually affiliates of mine and I was upfront about that. An affiliate is a company that if I recommended one of their products and a purchase occurred through my link, I would then get a commission (usually between 8%-20% depending on the company). This has been a part of my business model from the beginning. Some people object to the idea of companies having affiliates, but that commission doesn’t make the product any more expensive than the products you might buy in your local health food store. The major difference between the previous companies I’ve recommended and Youngevity is that it is a network marketing company.

Any company selling a product or service (whether in the health supplement world or not) has to have a certain portion of their product’s advertising costs worked into the final price:

-“Conventional” companies you might see on the shelf of your average health food store have advertising costs that allow them to place ads in health magazines or other media. They also have a below wholesale cost that allows for “middlemen companies” to buy up large quantities of product, and then they deal with shipping that product out to various health food stores across a large region. This helps keep things simpler for the small business health food stores, but of course the middlemen need enough margin to take their cut too.

-Affiliate companies have come to prominence with the increase in free information that is now readily available online. That same advertising margin which was originally reserved for advertising and giving the middlemen a cut (including the stores which are a second middleman), is now given to affiliates who can promote the products more directly with consumers who are willing to buy a product online without first seeing it on a shelf. Another portion of that margin is also needed for these companies to have more sophisticated shipping departments as shipping to individual people is more labour intensive than shipping larger but much less frequent orders to a middleman who then delivers products to stores.

-Blended companies are increasingly common. They are companies that use a mix of both advertising methods above. I’ve actually promoted some high quality companies before as an affiliate and I would also see those same products in my local health food store. What I saw in these cases was that health food stores always had a more expensive end price compared to what companies sold on their site, even with the costs of shipping. So this confirmed in my mind that being an affiliate marketer is a huge service to the consumer! It’s win/win/win for the company, myself, and the consumer.

-Network Marketing companies (a.k.a. MLM or Direct Selling) function with the same margin for advertising, but instead of conventional advertising in media, middlemen selling to central stores that stock products on shelves, and/or having affiliates set up links to the company in their articles or videos, MLMs rely only on their distributors to get the information out. You might have some people in an MLM who work together to go to health conferences to sell products at a table, or people could be very minimal and just recommend the product to friends or family who might get similar benefits from what they’ve seen with it. With the rise of the internet people are of course also marketing MLM products online.

Unfortunately network marketing has a bad reputation with many people, but often with good reason! I had a strong distaste for network marketing myself after having been involved with a few companies and falling prey to the extreme hype style of marketing I often saw associated with these types of companies. That hype combined with what at first looks like a high quality product, but often upon further examination turns out to be just an OK product that is clearly overpriced, understandably causes this dislike of direct marketing companies for many people. This caused me to become disillusioned with them as well, but I was still always open to this company structure if I ever came across an integrous company with truly ground breaking products.

Here’s what I think sets Youngevity apart from other MLMs and why you shouldn’t be quick to dismiss them or their products:

-Dr. Joel Wallach (founder of Youngevity) ran his own very high quality non-MLM supplement company before Youngevity and his expertise, views and standards for nutrition have been used in the formulation of Youngevity’s products.

-You don’t need to sign up for the autoship to be able to get the 30% discount on the products Youngevity has. Many MLMs require you to be on autoship to get the best price. This makes Youngevity more like an affiliate company if you’re not interested in advertising and selling the product yourself.

-The price of the products for what you’re getting is completely reasonable. I’ll be covering this in more depth in future videos and articles.

-The top products they offer are so unique that there’s no products on the market that I can find that compare. You may be able to pick out several high quality products from other companies, theoretically combine them, and get something somewhat similar, but you end up with something that is far more expensive and cumbersome to be compliant with.

By creating a completely free account you can have access to 30% off of all Youngevity products. You’re not having to make any commitment to being a part of the company at all by doing this. If you’re keen on jumping right in and getting on a regular regimen of BTT 2.0 and/or any of Youngevity’s top products that I recommend, you can actually get free shipping on top of the 30% off by setting up an autoship order in your account that you’ve created. This is well worth it as you can always cancel the autoship at any point if you’re unsatisfied.

As you can see you can get all of those savings without actually signing up to be a part of the company as a distributor. If after using Youngevity’s products you decide that you’re interested in becoming a distributor however, it’s an easy upgrade that includes a $10 fee that turns your account into a distributor account. You can then begin building a business through promoting Youngevity’s products. It can be as small or as large as you want to make it.