I can help you strategize ways you can run a successful Youngevity business.

If you like the idea of running a side business from home or even creating a full time business by marketing Youngevity products, I am more than willing to put in the time to consult with you for free on how to make that dream a reality. I have been working in the natural health industry for over a decade. I've also been running my online business for 7 years now and have plenty of experience in how to connect with people on a personal level to help them attain their health goals. Youngevity is literally the best company I've ever come across for helping people achieve this which is why I'm so enthusiastic about having other people do the same so we can spread the word on these healing nutritional products.

There are four different ways of marketing that you can focus on for building sales of Youngevity products:

-Internet/social media marketing is by far the cheapest and easiest form of marketing available today if you already have the investment of a computer and an internet connection. Technology has come so far that you could actually market almost completely from a smart phone (if you weren't trying to type out whole articles on a touch screen)! The #1 key to building a successful online social media following is to not treat the internet like a soap box, but more like a cocktail party.

You make friends with your contacts and talk about anything with them. Part of that conversation is your business, but it should be far from 100% of it. You share other people's content, you mention the movie you saw last night, you throw in the odd update about your personal life if you're comfortable doing so... By contrast, if for example your twitter feed for you business is just link after link redirecting people to your website, you haven't understood the purpose of social media.

-Real world sales can be incredibly effective because you have the ability to offer people immediate samples of the products you're recommending. Nothing you can do on the internet can compare to face to face contact with your customers. There is a bit more investment needed to some degree as you will need to purchase product to use for samples, various brochures that you can give away, and even some products to stock for the people who want to begin their Youngevity supplement regimen right away! Having the individual serving packets of BTT 2.0 available to sell for $1-$2 a piece (the equivalent of 2 scoops of BTT per packet) is also good for anyone that wants to try a few days of Beyond Tangy Tangerine to see how they feel on it before buying a whole 30 day supply canister.

If you have strong interpersonal skills and make friends easily, this might be the area of marketing you excel most in. There is a huge market still open for more boots on the ground Youngevity promotion as most of it is only happening online right now. Applying to have a booth at health expos and festivals can be a great strategy. You can display a few different Youngevity products as well as offer free samples while giving out information on their health benefits. You can also approach health food stores, gyms, or other stores to see if they'd like to become a distributor and sell Beyond Tangy Tangerine or other products by taking advantage of the discount they get for ordering product in bulk, having them on autoship, plus getting 30% off. This way they can have the same profit margin they would have on any of their other products in store.

-Friends, family, and community marketing is the area that has contributed most to giving MLM companies a bad name. No one likes a sales pitch, and it's even more uncomfortable when it comes from a friend or family member. I would strongly recommend being careful with this method as it is obviously not worth damaging the relationships with people in your life for the chance at a sale. The way this can work however is if your approach is one of sharing. We recommend our favourite products and services to our closest circles of friends and family all of the time. This is the word of mouth free marketing that many companies strive for by creating a high quality product that people will naturally want to talk about.

If you're taking some of the top Youngevity products, your going to look healthier, be more energetic, and maybe you even have a personal testimonial of overcoming a health challenge people knew you were suffering from before. This is incredibly inspiring to others and can easily open up to a conversation about what you've been doing to achieve these results. There is a place for candidly talking about your Youngevity business as well, as long as it doesn't become something you push on them every time you see them or that you continue to push after they've given you a clear "not interested". Community clubs or events are other great places to casually market your Youngevity business.

-Blended Marketing of any combination of the above three ways of getting customers as well as building a downline of distributors, is what most people actually do. You will usually have one area you excel most in however. If you simply build a part time business based on altruistically helping those who are closest to you to become healthier, you've greatly improved everyone's wellbeing and happiness. If you intended to only keep things small but it grows over time, who can complain with that! The great thing with network marketing is that it offers a wide range of possibilities for how big or how small you want your business to be since there is very little overhead and initial investment.

How does the Youngevity business compensation plan actually work?

There are several options available to you upon signing up for an account with a Youngevity distributor. The most basic level (*insert your country* Preferred Customer Kit, pictured below) is completely free and gets you access to 30% off of all products, plus the possibility of free shipping if you select to have your order on autoship. The "Associate Kit" is what you select to become a distributor. The only cost to becoming a distributor is a one time fee of $10. You can also upgrade your account from the "Preferred Customer Kit" to the "Associate Account" at any time.

By becoming a distributor you now have access to your own site with training materials and stats for tracking your progress in sales. This site is where you send people when you start getting them interested in purchasing products through you. You can build a downline of distributors and customers for no cost once you yourself have upgraded to the "Associate Kit", but to be compensated you must be on autoship yourself. There's different levels of autoship and instead of getting into the complexities of it in writing, there is a great video on how the Youngevity compensation plan works below:

You will most likely want to be on BTT 2.0 everyday anyways so setting yourself up on autoship for that will cover you for the first level of QV (quantifying volume, similar to the price of a product but it's not exact) which is 50. As mentioned in the video above this gets you access to 5% of any ongoing sales you make as well as 5% on the 2nd level of sales below you. Simply increasing your QV to 100 gets you up to 8% on the 1st and 2nd level as well as 7% on the 3rd level. In my opinion once you have just 1 or more people on autoship it's worth keeping yourself at this basic level so you get the highest compensation possible. Once you have 3+ levels under you, you can then upgrade your QV accordingly.

My recommendation to reach QV 100 (this is also my recommendation for anyone who's interested in having all of their basic nutritional requirements covered while also protecting their genetic longevity potential) is to have 1 Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 on autoship along with 1 bottle of Imortalium per month. Once you require a higher monthly QV, you can figure out what additional products to work into your regime by checking out my top recommended Youngevity products by clicking here.

If you're considering starting a Youngevity business, or you have already signed up as a distributor through my link here (or anyone else under me), I am available to you to help you through the signup process as well as getting started and strategizing on how you can make your business flourish. Give me a call or email me at my contact information here:

Phone: 519.240.7038

Email: secretsoflongevity at gm ail dot c o m