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1. The new major lifestle change I recently made.

2. An exciting announcement about the first program I am creating.

3. There is a sale on at Surthrival! Find out how you can save 10% off your entire order.

(1.) I've made a big dietary shift that has me feeling really good!

If you remember from my last newsletter, I was in the midst of a raw food bodybuilding program. I encountered great success in achieving my goals during the three months that I was on it (about 13 pounds of muscle gained), but I had gotten sick several times during that period and decided to end it. You can learn more about why I chose to do this by watching the last video update I posted on this page here (scroll down):

Since then I have been able to maintain my weight gains just with my old way of strength training using bodyweight exercises and a few free-weights I have at home, so the hard work was definitely not in vain! I just learned that the gym environment does not work for me and I think that's an important lesson we can all learn about exercise. You have to do what you love.

Now the bigger change I made, which also greatly improved my immune system after a fairly hard winter as a raw-vegetarian, was the shift towards a paleo/primal diet. This is a diet based on what our ancestors ate and is the basis for our physiology today. A lot of people in the health movement strive to eat what they believe is the natural diet for humans, yet the scientific evidence makes it pretty clear that for the last 2.5 million years, humans and our ancestors got the majority of our calories from animal foods. Here I am discussing my dietary change.

Vegan Goes Paleo and Gets Healthier! #289 (Click this link if the video doesn't appear below):

I understand how diet can be a highly charged topic for some people. I respect other people's choices for why they eat a certain way and I must explain that I have always eaten for sustainable, long term health, not for animal rights or religious belief. If you're skeptical of my choice to eat more foods commonly portrayed as unhealthy in the mainstream medical model, I encourage you to stay tuned to future newsletters (or subscribe to my youtube channel) as I am working on a series that delves deep into the myths surrounding the health effects of saturated fat, cholesterol and many other potential problems with animal food consumption.

(2.) The Male Sexual Prowess video progam is due for release this fall (2011)!

In this video I give a description of this program I am working on. You can also check out the link below it to read the page on my site that previews what types of information the program will cover.

A Few Project Announcements #298 (Click this link if the video doesn't appear below):

You can check out the page on my upcoming program here:

You can check out my personal youtube channel here:

You can check out my personal twitter account here:

(3.) Surthrival is having a 10 day "10% off of your entire order" summer solstice sale!

Surthrival carries some of the best supplements/superfoods I have ever used. I've heard so many positive experiences and testimonials from friends that these are some of the first things I recommend people take for most problems they come to me with. I know many of you love their stuff as well so I wanted to notify you about this sale I just heard about. It's on for 10 days and it started last Friday (June 24th) and is lasting through until next Sunday (July 3rd 2011).

If you order anything on their site during the next week, you can save 10% off of your entire order. All you have to do is enter the coupon code "SOLSTICE" at your checkout. You can get to their site by clicking here.

These are two articles I have written in the past on two of my favorite products from them:

~Click here to read about the benefits of pine pollen powder.

~Click here to read about the benefits of raw colostrum powder.

This spring they also released a new pair of products. Dual extraction Reishi and Chaga. Dual extraction means that first they make an alcohol extraction with these medicinal mushrooms and then afterward they make a hot water extraction with the left over material. They then boil that tea down to a syrup and add it back into the alcohol.

Some herbs such as these two have both oil soluble constituents (that extract only into alcohol) and some water soluble constituents (that extract only with hot water). So using both methods ensures that you get the full spectrum of the plant or mushroom's medicinal properties! You can check out either the chaga or reishi dual extracted tinctures by clicking here.

Have a great start to your summer and expect more regular newsletters from me!

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