The second week at the Hippocrates Insitute flew right by.

Detoxing the body and mind through this raw living food diet has been more of a challenge this week for myself then the last one was. I experienced more ups and downs both emotionally as well as in my physical energy levels. Sometimes I just had to rest!

It's funny how one can go on retreat to a place like the Hippocrates Health Institute and feel compelled to do more then what one does at home! I eventually learned to relax a little more and spent more time having fun and hanging out with people.

On day 7 in particular I went into Miami with some friends for a real adventure. We ended up at a ritzy home in Miami beach where an intimate talk was given by none other than Dr. Gabriel Cousens! (Dr. Cousens is a famed raw food speaker and is director of the "Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center" in Patagonia Arizona, which is very similar to the Hippocrates Institute)

Week 2 Video Blog
Day 1 Wiped from a day at the Beach!
Day 2 Here's a demonstration of using hot/cold water hydrotherapy.
Day 3(a) Dr. Anna-Maria Clement giving a lecture on the many ways of using wheatgrass.
Day 3(b) More on wheatgrass health benefits...
Day 3(c) More on wheatgrass health benefits...
Day 3(d) More on wheatgrass health benefits...
Day 3(e) More on wheatgrass health benefits...
Day 3(f) More on wheatgrass health benefits...
Day 4 Here's Dr. Brian Clement on the drums! Plus I show you some of the flora and fauna around the Hippocrates Institute.
Day 5 Why the Hippocrates Institute advocates the use of whole food supplements even when eating a raw living food diet.
Day 6 Cindy and Pedro Soto talk about how you can save up to 10% on your trip to the institute like I did.
Day 7(a) We're off to Miami and run into some familiar faces around town by shear chance!
Day 7(b) Dr. Gabriel Cousens gave a talk on the unlikely topic of the Hopi prophecies. It was really fascinating :)

I have been able to write two new articles since getting back from the Hippocrates Institute.

Did you know that negative beliefs and perceptions of what aging is, can have a bigger impact on human health than either smoking or not exercising? That fact astounds me because I grew up seeing aging as a slow decent into decrepitude and dependence on others.

After doing research on the topic, I wrote this article with the intent to show people with both real world examples as well as the latest psychological facts that we can actually live longer, healthier and with much more "youthful vibrancy" then it is commonly thought possible.

When you look around the world at the top longevity cultures (aka the blue zones), you see people gaining their years with grace and wisdom. These people aren't slumped over, fat, wrinkly, senile old lumps. These elders still work in the fields, they're highly respected by the younger generations and the common characteristic between them all is that they don't hold the belief that they are growing older.

This is one of the most important articles I have yet written, so please check it out:

If you want to live a magical life, you have to eat magical food. Bee pollen, royal jelly and raw honey are rightly known as the food of the Gods (and Goddesses!).

The benefits of taking bee pollen first became popular when it was discovered that the natives of the Caucasus region of Russia had very high rates of longevity. The longest lived centenarians found in this culture were almost exclusively bee keepers who regularly ate bee pollen and raw honey!

This is quite likely the easiest and most delicious thing you can do for your health and longevity potential! Keep in mind though that this longevity society also primarily ate a plant based diet that was high in raw live foods...

The bee pollen nutritional profile is one of the most complete found in nature. It is consumed all around the world by athletes and health enthusiasts alike. Check out this article to find what all the buzz is about:

I hope you're having a great transition time into Autumn. I sure am. I think it's my favorite season... maybe a bit more sun would be nice but I enjoy the cooler temperatures and wonderful smells ;)

Swell With Life! Zak