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1. I'm serving herbal elixirs at an event in Guelph, Ontario on Saturday (sorry for the short notice, but try and make it out!).

2. I shot a great two part interview with raw vegan bodybuilder and great friend, Mark Handy.

3. I'm super excited about my latest article that I just posted yesterday on one of the most powerful antiaging foods!

(1.) Peacefest in Guelph this Saturday!/event.php?eid=107173969323645&index=1

(2.) A Great Interview with Low Calorie Raw Vegan Bodybuilder Mark Handy

(Part 1 of 2):

(Part 2 of 2):

Mark and Bridgitte's website:

Algae Mark uses:
~ (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae)
~ (Chlorella)
~ (Spirulina)

(3.) Raw Colostrum Benefits and Rejuvenates Every Tissue in Your Body

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