I Find Myself Never Growing Tired of Making Herbal Elixirs

Unlike other forms of food prep, I personally find endless enjoyment from making herbal elixirs. What are herbal elixirs you ask? A growing trend in the live raw food/superfoods community is the creation of a daily meal that combines the best quality adaptogenic herbs and live superfoods in high quality water.

The way that this daily drink differs from the typical "healthy smoothies" you see (or might make) is that herbal elixirs are crafted with a bit more care and much more intention. Most smoothie recipes read a bit like this: "throw X,Y and Z into a blender and pulverize it"! The herbal elixirs that are being created by many people in the raw living food and longevity lifestyle community are often composed of multiple steps and will often have an intention or strategy behind them (such as building the body's immune system up, or building stronger bones, etc).

I talk about my experiences with herbal elixirs in this video here:

(If the video hasn't appeared above you can watch it by clicking here.)

Below are some links to the pages I mentioned you should check out in the video:

The brand new "Elixir Synergy" ebook by Brandon, J.S. and Heidi can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/elixir-synergy

You can check out Hyperion Herbs here: http://bit.ly/hyperionherbs

My latest article on how to create herbal elixirs can be found here: http://www.secrets-of-longevity-in-humans.com/herbal-elixirs.html

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