Do you feel good all the time?

Did you know that it is even possible to feel good all time?!

Depression is rampant and growing in developed societies around the world. People are turning to various synthetic pharmaceuticals as a supposed solution, however it is now well known that the long term negative side effects of these medications outweigh the benefits more than ten to one. Check out this documentary called "Making a Killing" for more information on how corrupt the pharmaceutical industry really is.

Depression is not a deficiency of Prozak!

Depression is a deficiency of feeling good. There are many various factors that affect the human emotional experience, and one of the major ones is diet. Live raw food has been shown through clinical research as well as basic biochemistry to be the best fuel for the human anatomy. Certain herbs and live superfoods have the ability to potentiate and accelerate the body's return to homeostasis where optimal brain functioning can occur.

This results in feeling good all... the... time... :)

Serotonin and dopamine are two key neurotransmitters involved in mood regulation. If your serotonin stays up, you could have just lost your life's savings but you'll still feel good. When your serotonin is down you could have won the lottery but you won't be happy. Dopamine is similar but it affects your will power and ability to get things done. Many people associate the word dopamine with an image of a "doped up marijuana user".

The image is usually of someone with a lack of willpower and initiative. As it turns out, marijuana actually causes dopamine to be released in the brain (why this substance is often called dope) but then levels of this potent neurotransmitter fall after the "high" has worn off, leading to a lack of an ability to produce enough amounts of it without the aid of this substance. Chronic use of dope leads to a deficiency of dope in the brain!

Out of the many health benefits of chocolate one of its best qualities is that it contains a significant amount of tryptophan.

This amino acid combines with magnesium, vitamins B3 and B6 in our body to produce serotonin. Interestingly this amino acid is extremely sensitive to degradation by heat and is absent in cooked food diets. Raw cacao is the only type of chocolate that contains usable tryptophan as well as the vitamins and minerals just mentioned to construct this neurotransmitter. On top of that, raw cacao actually contains serotonin itself making it perhaps one of the greatest foods for depression or other illnesses associated with a lack of serotonin!

Some more fun chocolate facts are that it contains two other potent mood enhancing neurotransmitters. PEA (phenethylamine) is literally the chemical released in the brain when you are in love or feeling love. It is destroyed by heat and so raw cacao is one of only two sources (along with a unique type of algae found in Klamath Lake, Oregon) for this compassionate phytochemical.

Anandamide is the other neurotransmitter in raw cacao that is associated with a good mood. Raw cacao is the only known food source of this! Our bodies make it however and it is responsible for feelings of bliss. So the combination of serotonin, phenethylamine and anandamide make raw cacao #1 on the list of superfoods.

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Serotonin is balanced by dopamine in the body.

As was already mentioned, dopamine is what creates the driving force behind doing everyday things. When you have the combination of unlimited good feelings (such as from the mood enhancing neurotransmitters found in raw cacao) with the will power boosting effects of dopamine, you can accomplish your life's work with clarity and exuberance!

Mucuna pruriens is the next big thing in the world of herbal adaptogens. It contains a phytochemical called L-DOPA (levodopa) which is the precursor of dopamine. It has been used to treat Parkinson's Disease for centuries in India and does the same thing as the pharmaceutical by the name "Levopdopa", except without negative side effects!

Healthy levels of dopamine in the body result in optimal levels of both human growth hormone as well as testosterone. This makes mucuna pruriens one of the top herbal adaptogens for increasing longevity in humans! What??!!? So you can feel ridiculously good and live a long time too?!

Yes ;D

The increase in these "hormones of youth" results in a pretty intense increase in libido... As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, a strong libido is a prerequisite and a sign of high levels of health for both men and women.

There is a balance of serotonin an dopamine that is required by the brain. Raw cacao and mucuna pruriens are synergistic when combined together in some form whether it's in raw chocolate bars or in a superfood smoothie/elixir. The great thing about these healing foods is that they add these mood enhancing phytochemicals to the body as opposed to certain "drugs" which use up the body's own supply of them which, leads to deficiency.

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The final Chocolate ~ Music ~ Yoga event is going to be combined with a raw-pot-luck afterwards and Buddha Lounge dance party!

This upcoming Saturday Jan 23rd in Waterloo, my friend Chantalle and I are putting on the final event of our three part "Chocolate ~ Music ~ Yoga" series:

Come experience a yoga class, followed by a chocolate elixir and informative superfood talk, and then a relaxing crystal bowl/voice performance. Zak Martin-Kilgour and Chantalle Asselin are hosting these events in the surrounding area. Superfoods and CD's will also be available. This past two events (in Fergus and Guelph) were a real success and people really enjoyed themselves!

Price: $40 in advanced, $44 at the door, or if you have attended one of our previous dates it is only $33!

Space is limited at this event so please call and confirm your attendance with Chantalle at 519.836.6075.

Waterloo: Conscious Traveler Wellspring
When?: Saturday January 23rd 2010 (6pm-8pm) ~ Raw Pot Luck and Buddha Lounge afterward. *There will be a package deal available at the door if you plan on attending this event plus the Buddha Lounge.*
Where?: 56 Regina St. N, Waterloo

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