I will be performing at two upcoming events!

This Sunday (Nov 22nd) I am presenting a FRE*E crystal bowl and voice performance at the Fergus/Elora Unitarian Church. The service begins at 10am at 150 Albert Street West in Fergus, Ontario, Canada.

Then, the following Saturday (Nov 28th 2009) my friend Chantalle and I are putting on the first event in our "Chocolate ~ Music ~ Yoga" series:

Experience a yoga class, followed by a warm chocolate elixir and informative superfood talk, and then a relaxing crystal bowl/voice performance. Zak Martin-Kilgour and Chantalle Asselin are hosting these three events in the surrounding area. Superfoods and CD's will also be available. Come out to one, two or all three events!

Price: $40 in advanced, $44 at the door or if you wish to come to two or more dates (two other events in December and January will be taking place, each one will be unique) it is only $77!

Space is limited at each event so please call and confirm your attendance with Chantalle at 519.836.6075.

Fergus: In a Yurt by the scenic Grand River.
When?: Saturday November 28th 2009 (7pm-9pm)
Where?: 8218 Wellington Road 18, Fergus

My latest article I just wrote is on how goji berries benefits anyone since they are so tasty and easy to eat.

The most outstanding of the goji berries benefits are its ability to increase the secretion of human gro*wth hor*mone (hg*h) by the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain. Hgh is a master hormone that is responsible for keeping an entire cascade of steroidal and sex hormones in good balance.

The average 70 year old has hgh levels that are one tenth that of a 20 year old. This low level leads to a wide range of hormones becoming out of balance and essentially causing aging in the body in the long run. Some of the glycoconjugate polysaccharides in lycium barbarum plants protect against DNA mutations by increasing blood serum levels of superoxide dismutase (the king of antioxidants). Betaine also protects the DNA. The zinc content of goji berries benefits the production of male semen as well as being a building block for certain key proteins that repair DNA. Finally, beta-sitosterol treats sexual impotence and prostate enlargement in men.


Oxygen producing plants can be a key factor in your longevity lifestyle.

Dr. B.C. Wolverton, a former NASA research scientist, helped the agency look into how air purifying plants could be used onboard space missions to benefit the artificial environments onboard their spacecraft.

This NASA Clean Air Study found that oxygen producing plants can be used to both produce oxygen as well as remove common harmful chemicals from the air and break them down into harmless organic byproducts into the soil, which the plants then use as food. These chemicals that are harmful to human health are off-gassed from common household items and products. Some of these items and the chemicals they release are found in synthetic carpets (releases formaldehyde), petroleum products (release benzene), toys, chemical cleaners, paint, furniture with synthetic components and everything else that is synthetic.

For more information, as well as a list of the top plants that do this, check out my latest article:


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Reishi mushroom benefits all 3 treasures (Jing, Chi and Shen):


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