1. How you can get a hold of some fre.e herbal adaptogens.

2. A "Forever Healthy" event is being held in Toronto on EMF fields, how they are proven to be detrimental to your health and how you can protect yourself.

3. The final "Chocolate ~ Music ~ Yoga" event in Waterloo!

(1.) Have you ever wanted to try these adaptogenic herbs I'm always raving about?

Here's a quick video message from about how you can get fre.e herbs to sample.


Check out my latest blog post for more details on how you can get either a fre.e bag of Cordyceps or a fre.e bag of Ho Shou Wu! (Click this text link)

(2.) Were you aware that health Canada actually warns that children and teens should limit, or even eliminate their use of cell phones?

If you happen to be unable to make it out to the "Chocolate ~ Music ~ Yoga" event with Chantalle and I, this Saturday January 23rd in Toronto there is a whole day workshop from 9am-5pm on the effects that electromagnetic fields have on your health. Some of Canada's leading experts and researchers on this topic will be presenting their information.


If you're in the health field or even just very passionate about your health, this is something you must be educated about because more and more people are becoming exposed and exhibiting strange signs of EMF radiation.

Think this sounds "far-out". Well, were you aware that Health Canada actually warns the public that children and teens should limit or even eliminate their use of cell phones? This is info on their website:


Even Dr. Mercola (owner of the internet's most popular holistic health information site) says that within a decade, people will be looking back on this period of EMF "saturation" in the same way that we used to have smoking allowed everywhere you went. Some experts are saying EMF pollution from WiFi, cellphones etc, is possibly even more dangerous than second hand smoke.

Kevin Byrne of EMF solutions, Rob Metzinger of Safe Living Technologies and Environmental Researcher Dr. Magda Havas Ph.D. of Trent University will all be the speakers for this event on Saturday.

To register please contact Dianne Knight at: 1 - 416 - 551 - 7259 or email at dianneEMF (at) live (dot) ca

(Eliminate the spaces in the telephone number and email, this was done to prevent spambots from picking up Dianne's information!)

For all the information about this event and specifics about location please check out the event page here:


Also if you plan on attending, contact Dianne about the places they have reserved for you that have the WiFi unplugged for the weekend! This hotel and B&B listed on the website above are being very accommodating :)

There are also a variety of raw food catered options.

(3.) The final Chocolate ~ Music ~ Yoga event is going to be combined with a raw-pot-luck afterwards and Buddha Lounge dance party!

This upcoming Saturday Jan 23rd in Waterloo, my friend Chantalle and I are putting on the final event of our three part "Chocolate ~ Music ~ Yoga" series:

Come experience a yoga class, followed by a chocolate elixir and informative superfood talk, and then a relaxing crystal bowl/voice performance. Zak Martin-Kilgour and Chantalle Asselin are hosting these events in the surrounding area. Superfoods and CD's will also be available. This past two events (in Fergus and Guelph) were a real success and people really enjoyed themselves!

Price: $40 in advanced, $44 at the door, or if you have attended one of our previous dates it is only $33!

Space is limited at this event so please call and confirm your attendance with Chantalle at 519.836.6075.

Waterloo: Conscious Traveler Wellspring
When?: Saturday January 23rd 2010 (6pm-8pm) ~ Raw Pot Luck and Buddha Lounge afterward. *There will be a package deal available at the door if you plan on attending this event plus the Buddha Lounge.*
Where?: 56 Regina St. N, Waterloo

Swell With Life,

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