Exercise is an Overlooked Aspect of a Complete Longevity Lifestyle

One of the secrets of long life found in every longevity society is the amazing strength that these people maintain as they gain years. Their traditional lifestyles haven't turned them into world class bodybuilders, but they are able to maintain muscle mass, bone density and cardiovascular health from some very basic lifestyle habits.

Although in our modern society we might not have the option of engaging in traditional farming practices for a living, we can incorporate types of physical exercises that work with natural movements in the body. In one of my latest articles I explain why I'm such a fan of bodyweight exercise routines that target multiple muscle groups with very large loads of weight (like a one armed pushup). Check it out here:


I just posted my very first podcast! My friend Brandon Daemon interviewed me on the topic of internal and external exercises and how they can increase our health and vitality. Personally, I love audio as I can get information while doing dishes or other chores :) You can easily download the podcast from the link on my site or simply listen to it straight from the page itself. Check it out here:


My all time favorite company that sells very unique and cutting edge exercise books, DVD's, all sorts of equipment and clothing is Dragon Door. These guys are bringing very effective training programs to the forefront of peoples awareness. They've got everything from military calisthenics programs to whip you into shape, to combat tai-chi and chi-gong training material and books. Check them out!:


Some of My Latest Youtube Videos Go Into Detail About Some of My Favorite Exercise Routines

This first video features me demonstrating two of the best bodyweight exercises that can be easily learned. They're the core exercises presented in "The Naked Warrior", written by Pavel Tsatsouline, which is a training manual I constantly refer back to. These exercises build serious functional strength in the body.

I'm not against getting large muscles, and there are definitely health benefits to that, however these types of exercises build strength and don't increase muscle bulk all that much (unless you were to start eating loads of calories along with your training program). You don't have to be big to be strong, just look at rock climbers, gymnasts or Bruce Lee!

Best Exercise Program for Bloggers, Stay@Home Moms, Martial Artists and Most Other People?!?:


Constantly Practicing Your Art-Form/Exercises in Daily Life:


How to Do "Jack Lalanne Push Ups", the Second Best Lower Abs Exercise:


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