To understand how physical exercise benefits longevity in humans, just look to the longest lived cultures.

In every longevity society around the globe, one of the healthy lifestyle factors common to each one of them is daily exercise. However, their physical exercise benefits may not come in the form of going to the gym or doing some of the more intense workouts that many enjoy in modern society. They mostly engage in constant "passive-external" (see the lists in the article below) types of physical exercises. This leaves them with clean circulation, robust muscles and extremely good bone density from constantly gardening, farming as well as walking up and down hills (the majority of these blue zones are in mountainous or very hilly regions).

In modern culture where more and more people aren't engaging in manual labour and are working at desks, it is perfectly acceptable to have one higher intensity daily exercise regime to get these physical exercise benefits in a more condensed time frame. This makes up for the lack of constant movement you would experience from not living in on of traditional cultures.


An evening of conscious movement, divine elixirs and healing sound.

Experience a yoga class, followed by a warm elixir made with sacred herbs, chocolate and antioxidants with an informative superfood talk, and then a relaxing crystal bowl/voice performance. Zak Martin-Kilgour and Chantalle Asselin are hosting these three events in the surrounding area. Superfoods and CD's will also be available. Come out to one, two or all three events!

Fergus: In a Yurt by the scenic Grand River!
When?: Saturday November 28th 2009 (7pm-9pm)
Where?: 8218 Wellington Road 18, Fergus

Guelph: Winter Solstice at Knox Presbyterian Church
When?: Monday December 21st 2009 (7pm-9pm)
Where?: 20 Quebec St, Guelph (come to the back entrance off of Baker Street)

Waterloo: Conscious Traveller Wellspring
When?: Saturday January 23rd 2010 (6pm-8pm) ~ Raw Pot Luck and Buddha Lounge afterward. There will be a package deal available at the door if you plan on attending this event plus the Buddha Lounge.
Where?: 56 Regina St. N, Waterloo

Price: $40 in advanced, $44 at the door, or for $77 you can come to two or all three dates (each one will be unique)!

Space is limited at each event so please call and confirm your attendance with Chantalle at 519.836.6075.

My 2 part herbal adaptogens video series has just been uploaded to youtube.

I had a lot of fun making these :) Expect more videos to come on a variety of topics.

Using Herbal Adaptogens For Longevity (Part 1 of 2)

Using Herbal Adaptogens For Longevity (Part 2 of 2)

Swell With Life,