A wrap up of the final week at the Hippocrates Institute and some gotu kola facts:

At the Hippocrates Institute they advocate the use of a wide variety of different healing modalities. This includes the use of adaptogenic herbs to strengthen and tone an already fairly healthy body.

Many gotu kola benefits were mentioned on a few occasions by Dr. Brian Clement along with other anti-aging herbs such as ginseng. I even noticed that some of their whole food supplements that I was taking had herbal extracts in them that included these, as well as other fertility herbs like He Shou Wu...

The Hippocrates Institute's diet includes the use of these additional nutrient dense medicinal products on top of their already amazing diet of green juices and living sprouts. This is something I have been drawn to write about quite a bit lately. Here is the final week of videos I took while on my stay at this most amazing of raw food centers. Then check out the section below for my latest article.

Week 3 Video Blog:

Day 1 The independent film shot in Nepal called "The Unmistaken Child" we saw while on a mini road trip sparked some spiritual insights for me.

Day 2 Pure water is a must on any health program. The health benefits of drinking water daily in adequate amounts are endless.

Day 3(a) Dr. Brian Clement gave a great lecture today on the role that Klamath Lake Algae (a.k.a. E3live or Aphanizomenon Flos-Aqua) plays in the Hippocrates Institute's program.
Day 3(b)
Day 3(c)
Day 3(d)
Day 3(e)
Day 3(f)
Day 3(g)

Day 4(a) Dr. Anna Maria Clement gave a lecture on how raw food benefits the body through oxygenation, the formation of healthy blood and creating a stronger immune system.
Day 4(b)
Day 4(c)

Day 5 It's nearing the end of the program and I share the results of my final blood test as well as introduce you to some of my nocturnal friends :)

Day 6 This is the final full day here at the Hippocrates Health Institute. I got some fantastic testimonials from willing friends.

Day 7 I have a cool way to get your own, non-plasticized, non-toxic, non-chemically laden water onto a plane! It's kind of sneaky but doesn't "break any rules" ;p

The many gotu kola facts I compiled in my latest article are truly amazing.

Nanddo Narian, an Indian yogi who lived to be 107, claimed that the main health benefits of gotu kola could be attributed to a unique property found within it. This unknown quality was further researched in Algeria by the French where they discovered a compound that they called "youth vitamin X", which had a particularly tonic action on the ductless glands of the body. Nanddo Narian wasn't aware of these latest scientific gotu kola facts, yet he nevertheless came to the conclusion that gota kola was the finest of all herbal adaptogens (at least out of the all natural herbs available to him at that time in India).

Traditional and scientific gotu kola facts both point towards this herbal adaptogen having the ability to balance all of the body's organ systems. In the language of Ayurvedic medicine (traditional Indian medicine) they say that it balances all three doshas. It has specific applications as a calming brain tonic that enhances spiritual work of any type, which is why it is often used by yogi's and other practitioners of the esoteric internal arts.

To read more about this amazing longevity herb, click the link below: